A unique approach to Safeguarding training

Court room cross Examination case studies To assist our learners in developing their court room skills

Introduction to Safeguarding

(Level 1)

This course is designed for any person coming into contact with children and young people, as part of their paid or voluntary work. Aimed at all front line staff from any organisation.


  • Identify the signs of physical, emotional, sexual abuse and neglect;
  • Know the procedure within your organisation when you suspect abuse;
  • Follow the correct procedure upon disclosure;
  • Record accurately and properly the information.

This course is available:
Online learning system (2 hours CPD)

Advanced Safeguarding

(Level 2)

This course is designed for people who have day to day contact with children and have already completed the Introduction to Safeguarding Course.


  • Identify your roles and responsibilities towards Children and Young People;
  • Understand why legislation and statutory guidance is relevant to your work;
  • Identify the child in need/child protection procedures within your Local Authority.

This course is available:

Face to face or Secure online live delivery  (1 day / 6 Hours CPD)

Online learning system (3 hours CPD)

Safeguarding and Leadership

(Level 3)

Designated Safeguarding Lead/Officer

This course is aimed at those in a leadership or management role within their organisation, the designated safeguarding lead, or professional with assessment duties.


  • Identify Roles and Responsibilities of Safeguarding Leaders;
  • Understand the need to have an effective multi-agency working;
  • Understand why a Low-Level Concerns Policy must be implemented;
  • Create a culture of safeguarding within your organisation.

This course is available:
Face to face or Secure online live delivery  (1 day / 6 Hours CPD)
Online learning system (4 Hours)

Online Safety and digital resilience 

(Half Day Course)

This course is aimed at any member of staff who works with children and young people. The safeguarding landscape has changed and staff must improve their knowledge of Child Sexual Exploitation and Digital/Online Safety. This course does just that.


  • Identify the different types of risks online;
  • Understand what Apps and Language to be concerned about;
  • Understand the law and guidance around sexting, to be able to more confidently deal with these kinds of cases.

This course is available:
Face to face Secure online live delivery  (3 hours CPD)
Secure online live training (45 minutes)

decision making and Safeguarding Investigations

(Full Day Course)

Our popular Investigations training is aimed at those who have a responsibility for the investigation of safeguarding issues within their organisation. Looking at the evidence, witnesses and how to interview children and young people, our experienced trainers have a background in the criminal investigations, with specialisms in dealing with vulnerable witnesses.


  • Understand how to respond to initial complaints;
  • Know when to refer a matter to authorities;
  • Explain what evidence is and identify witnesses;
  • Describe best practice for interviewing.

This course is available:
Face to face (1 day)
Secure online live (2 x 3 hour sessions)

Safer Recruitment

(Half Day Course)

Looking behind the legislation and statutory guidance, our Safer Recruitment training course highlights the necessity of creating a safe system. Going into detail about the practical considerations of Values-Based Interviews, this course can be amended to suit your organisation’s needs. We have delivered in small groups in a breakfast session for a local charity, to provide a Webinar for over 700 Club Safeguarding Officers in a professional sport.


  • Recognise that safer recruitment forms a vital part in a culture of safeguarding;
  • Recognise relevant Legislation and Guidance;
  • Identify Safer Recruitment Practices.

This course is available:

Face to face (3 hours CPD)
Secure online live training (3 hours CPD)

Online learning system (2 hours CPD)


We are currently developing a series of pre-recorded Webinars. These webinars will enable staff to obtain basic understanding on a wide range of topics in training videos of up to 1 hour’s duration. Originally developed for professional football clubs, ideal for reaching a full workforce.

Topics Include

  • Online Safety and Sexting (to comply with KCSIE 2020 – all staff to be trained on this topic)
  • Safer Recruitment
  • Self Care
  • Increased Vulnerability factors
  • Implementing a Low Level Concerns Policy
  • Adverse Childhood Experiences
  • Child Sexual Exploitation